Child Proof Locks

Are you tired of searching a child proof lock from stores to stores and not finding a right one? Then shopping online may be a right choice.

We have selected the child proof locks with the highest customer satisfaction. Besides, in order to assure your satisfaction, we’ll also give you tips for your choosing, such as the detailed introduction and customer reviews.

Don’t worry, for we have made a list of all the most recommended and popular child proof locks for you to choose from. And below is the list. Hope you have a happy shopping.

What are the Best Child Proof Locks

Childproof Door Lock and Pinch Guard
Door Monkey

DM1PKRTC Features: -Childproof door lock and pinch guard.-Installs in seconds without tools, tape or hardware.-Works with all styles of door knobs and lever handles.

Product Research
  • “The door monkey is the perfect solution to keeping our cat in the laundry room when we are using the backyard and can not lock the screen door.” – Lisa A. Roner
  • “I believe I have very standard door frames and molding.” – S. Crow
  • “This simple device allows you, the adult, to easily open the door from either side with a single finger.” – Kenley D. Corredor

Mommy's Helper Slide-Lok Bi-Fold Door Lock
Mommy’s Helper

Slide Lok helps to protect children from p”ed fingers by bi fold closet doors. Simply grasp the Slide Rod and move Slide Lok into place over the hinged area to prevent doors from opening.

Product Research
  • “This product is easy to use and it works.” – kosmalj
  • “These bi-fold door locks are perfect for keeping baby out of closets.” – J. Newingham
  • “Very easy to slide out of the way to open the door and kids can’t reach them.” – Jason Winkler

Child Baby Safety Cabinet Lock Latch / 2 Pack / Color White

Try these simple to use cabinet locks and you’ll love them. Effective, Quick, easy, with no drilling, no adhesive and non scratching. They keep children, not parents out of the cabinets.

Product Research
  • “Easy to use and works great.” – EST
  • “This worked perfectly, fit my cabinets perfectly.” – Shawn D. Joyce
  • “Definitely recommend because they are easy for adults to open the cabinets when needed but are great at keeping kids out.” – LauraChag

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System Complete
Safety 1st

Keep cabinets and drawers off limits to little ones with the Complete Magnetic Locking System by Safety 1st. Simply install the lock inside a desired cabinet or drawer, then use the powerful magnetic key to open when needed.

Product Research
  • “Works great and was easy to install.” – Thomas Chandler
  • “I recommend pre drilling small holes with a very small drill bit to make putting the screws in easier.” – cos_avy
  • “The disable feature is great for when I’m cooking and need to quickly get in and out of cabinets multiple times.” – duck0872

KidCo Spring Action Cabinet Lock 4-pack

Need a shorter cabinet and drawer lock to keep even the littlest hands out? Our Spring Action Lock is just the one! With an internal reach of only 1 1/2″ it’s just about the shortest lock ever.

Product Research
  • “These are very easy to use and install.” – Yuriy N Bovkun
  • “Once installed, they are easy to use; just open the door slightly, gently push down on the lock with a finger, and open the door completely.” – Stop Googling Me
  • “The plastic is so brittle and it breaks all the time.” – T. Chu

KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock

Keep baby out of your closet or any place with bi-fold doors. Simple installation, just slip it over the dear. There is even an easy want attachment for easy reach.

Product Research
  • “Easy to install and use and works like a charm.” – J. Thomas
  • “It keeps them out of the pantry and out of the closet.” – J. Clark
  • “Easy to install, easy to use.” – Dulcimer Dude

Defender Security Patio door lock S-4124
Prime Line

Secure patio doors, double hung windows, and sliding doors with the Sliding Door Flip Lock. Simply flip lower latch arm up to lock, and fold it down to unlock.

Product Research
  • “Easy to install and adhesive works great and is holding up pretty good.” – shopafunonline
  • “I purchased this to use for our sliding closet door instead to keep our little one out and it’s worked out well!” – zmom
  • “Second the little pin that you pull to release the lock pulled right out.” – Elizabeth Bormann

Child Proof Deluxe Door Top Lock
Safety Innovations

The Deluxe Door Top Lock rests on top of the door so tots can’t reach it. A peg mounts on the door frame and the latch slides around the peg to lock and release.

Product Research
  • “Works great….easy to install.” – Pappy
  • “Regardless, this is a great product and would highly recommend it.” – Michael Hostetler
  • “If forget and push on the door too hard while opening, I could envision the screw pulling out or the plastic breaking, but you probably won’t do that.” – A. Zack

Safety 1st SecureTech Cabinet Lock
Safety 1st

Safety 1st SecureTech cabinet lock, the SecureTech cabinet lock features a SecureTech indicator that lets you know when it’s locked. It’s easy to remove with the push of a button.

Product Research
  • “This cabinet lock works great and is easy to use.” – Dusty H
  • “She watches us to learn how to open it, but the motions to press buttons and so on are too much for her.” – M